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Bag printing

We provide services of promotional flexographic printing on polypropylene, polyethylene and paper bags. We offer printing in 1 to 4 colours on one or both sides. Bag printing is advantageous, since consumers are immediately informed about the product, the image of the product is strengthened, and the product is distinguished from other products of competitors. Printing is also available on bags belonging to customers.


Requirements for the preparation of print files for printing on woven polypropylene and paper bags:

File types: 

We only accept vector graphics files for the preparation of prints. Each point has its own coordinates in vector graphics, thus being different from raster graphics, which are composed of pixels.
We accept Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Corel Draw (.cdr), Adobe Indesign (.indd) and (.pdf), (.eps) print files. We do not accept Word .jpg .png and .tiff file formats.
In a ready-to-print file, all fonts must be converted to curves, otherwise you must send them together with the print layout file.


Do not use too many printing colours in your bag design, since this type of printing looks most professional when using 2 or 3 colours. The colours in the print file must be displayed in CMYK format and/or in the Pantone palette.
We recommend not to make colour overlaps. Arrange graphic elements next to each other according to colour instead of placing them one after another. Also make sure to leave small spaces between the graphic elements.


Do not use very thin lines – the lines must be at least 0.5 points wide.
The recommended printing area size on polypropylene bags is selected according to the size of the bag. We recommend leaving 5 centimetres of blank unprinted space on both sides of the bag and 10 cm on the top and bottom of the bag (e.g., if bag size is 50x110cm, the maximum printing area will be 40x90cm).
Print designs are presented at a scale of 1:1.

Additional requirements for the preparation of print files for printing on polyethylene bags:

If photographs are used for printing on polyethylene bags, the resolution of all digital photographs must be at least 300dpi.
Print designs must be prepared according to a pre-agreed layout.
5mm overlaps are left on all sides of the print design.
All print elements are arranged in one layer, without leaving any invisible dots or other elements.


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