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Polymesh-leno net bags

Category: Net bags
Category: Net bags

POLYMESH (Leno) net bags are made of polypropylene strips, which makes them extremely strong, therefore they do not stretch when being loaded with products. These bags are popular for packing firewood. The bags are UV stabilized, therefore the firewood can be stored outdoors in the sun for up to 6 months.  All bags have a drawstring at the top. Orange colour.


Please note that the bags cannot be stored in firewood dryers!

The most popular Polymesh-leno bag sizes that we have in stock:

  • 45x60cm;
  • 50x50cm;
  • 50x70cm.
  • ​60x100cm

Cubic firewood bag

Based on our customers’ needs, we can also offer single-cube bags for packing firewood on a pallet. These bags are used together with a special loading stand. Can be used for packing both firewood and woodchips.

Minimum order quantity – 2000 pcs.


Įmonė stabiliai veikia Lietuvos rinkoje, tenkindama skirtingų klientų poreikius. Turime ilgalaikę patirtį maišų prekybos srityje, todėl esame pasirengę bendradarbiavimui.


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