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4 loops big-bags

Category: Big-Bags (Jumbo bags) / Purpose: Shipping
Category: Big-Bags (Jumbo bags)
Purpose: Shipping

New Big-Bags (F.I.B.C. bags) production from strong woven polypropylene material. We produce and distribute Big-Bags under individual customer’s requirements as well as offer our stock positions from warehouse in Lithuania.


We offer wide range of big-bags: Standard U panel type, ventilated, crosscorner big-bags, Q-bag type (baffle bags), circular type and big-bags suitable for vacuum with inner barrier foil liner.

Big-Bag’s well known as F.I.B.C or soft containers is being used for bulk products handling. In the Big-bags You can store and transport such products as fertilizers, grain cultures, wood pellets, plastic granules, ash, foodstuff products, virgin and recycled bulk materials. This is popular packaging type for large volumes. Builder type big-bags is cheap a solution for construction waste handling.

Most common technical features:

  • 4 standard or crosscorner lifting loops;
  • Coated or uncoated fabric;
  • With inner liner or without it;
  • SWL (safe working load) – from 500kg. up to 1500kg.;
  • SF (safety factor) – 5:1;
  • Variuos types of inlet-outlet types;
  • Document pocket availability;
  • “Antidust” seams for specially fine products;
  • Printing up to 4 colors.
  • Q type big-bag with inner baffles for keeping the shape.
  • Available in Food grade

We store more than 30.000 pcs variuos types of Big-bags (FIBC bags) in our warehosue. We are ready to assure quality and fast delivery anywhere in Northern Europe.

Inlet types:

Inlet spout with tying Fully opening skirt      Sewn cover  Open Top


Outlet types:

Outlet spout with tying Outlet spout with “petal” closure Outlet spout with cover Fully opening bottom (for light working loads only)


Stock Big-bag’s positions:

Size (Bottom Width x Length x Height) cm Inlet type: Outlet type:
Big Bag 90x90x110 Open Closed
Big Bag 90x90x130 Open Closed
Big Bag 90x90x125 Inlet spout Outlet spout
Big Bag 90x90x125 Inlet spout Outlet spout
Big Bag 94x94x135 Inlet spout Outlet spout
Big Bag 90x90x155 Inlet spout Outlet spout
Big Bag 90x90x160 Sewn cover Closed
Big Bag 94x94x175 Inlet spout Outlet spout
Big Bag 95x95x195 Inlet spout Outlet spout
Big Bag 95x95x210 Inlet spout Outlet spout
Big Bag 95x95x230 Inlet spout Outlet spout
  • All our stock Big-bags are sertified for 1000 Kgs lifting or more.
  • Safety factor: 5:1
  • With A4 document pocket.
  • Standard inlet and outlet spouts diameter – 35cm
  • Big-bag’s size is in external measurements

If You want to receive personal quotation or have a need for individual product, please do not hesitate to contact and consult with our personnel or send directly an email: gediminas[@]packmak.lt


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